The Big Picture

Ever sat through a meeting where just a few dominant personalities ran the show? We all know that’s not always the most productive way to manage a team, so we came up with The Big Picture ™.

The-Big-Picture-Mural-Team-Building-LogoThis interactive workshop focuses on teaching the value of diversity so everyone can get involved in group projects. Everyone plays an important role and the sooner teams learn this the stronger they’ll become.

Picasso, Monet, Mondrian: whats’ your style?

Everyone will enjoy tapping into his or her artistic style as they contribute to the group masterpiece. Some are Picassos while others turn out to be Monets…it’s all good! Diversity is strength in a team, and that’s the main message of The Big Picture™. It’s a message that transfers directly and easily back to the workplace environment!

Tapping into creativity for better teams.

Creating The Big Picture ™ means tapping into creativity: both for creating the collective project and for solving problems set before the group by the workshop facilitators. Waking up the creative side frees up the brain for improved problem-solving, openness to new ways of communication, and all-around better teamwork.

Tapping into creativity is something that rarely happens at work. By practicing creative solutions to puzzles and obstacles they encounter during the workshop, participants can set new patters for improved problem solving once they’re back at work, too.

What is The Big Picture ™ exactly?

Orlando-Team-Building-The-Big-Picture-GroupTeams literally end up creating a large work of art, which can be transported back to your company to hang on the break-room wall if you like.

There’s also a bit of Corporate Social Responsibility taking place here. Collage materials not used up during the workshop are then donated to local art programs in the Orlando area. Alternatively, you can suggest a partner and we’ll set things up with them for the donations. We also work with the National Gallery of Art if you prefer.

Resources are limited for the grand project, so team members learn about working with limited resources, among other skills:

  • sharing information
  • collaboration
  • overcoming fears of contributing in a group setting
  • exercising creativity
  • dealing with feedback

Every time the group taps into these skills during the workshop, they’re strengthening valuable skills they’ll put to use back in the office. We’re after results here, not just a fun time creating a group art project!

If you’d like to schedule The Big Picture ™ team building workshop for your group then please give us a call or fill out our handy quote form.