Team Synergy

Sometimes what your team needs is a good challenge.

If you’ve got a lot of high performers in your group, then you know that competition comes naturally to a group like that. Everyone’s focused and productive, but things could be so much better if collaboration were stronger.

Team-Synergy-Corporate-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoThat’s where Team Synergy comes in. The power of teamwork grows exponentially when great minds work together and everyone contributes to the overall success of the group. This hands-on workshop teaches participants how to recognize diversity in their group and appreciate the value each unique player can bring to the table. By listening to each other and by fostering an environment of mutual respect, teams get stronger and perform better.

The best-performing teams have “synergy” locked in.

Orlando-Team-Building-Team-Synergy-CardsGroup dynamics are so important: we begin each workshop with some icebreakers designed to lower the stress factor and get everyone on the same page. Then we hit them with the real “work” of building trust, practicing new skills, and bringing it all together through a series of progressively challenging interactive modules.

The result? Team Synergy! You’ll see a boost in collaboration as your team learns to work with different styles and to value contributions from every member of the team.

Synergy comes from trust, communication, and collaboration.

This is a results-focused workshop that targets skills needed by high-performing groups. One of the goals is to help your team grow together by sharing more effectively. For a deeper understanding of the workshop lessons, they’ll participate in fun, casual round-table discussions about Team Synergy activities and the lessons they’ve learned.

The facilitators make this a non-threatening process- they somehow even manage to make this “debriefing” session lots of fun! Our clients value this aspect of Team Synergy because it locks in long-lasting changes that make their teams more efficient.

Communication styles are the focus in Team Synergy

Core issues of communication and collaboration are brought to the surface during Team Synergy activities. Depending on the needs of your particular group, facilitators make learning points out of some or all of the following aspects of teamwork:

  • Orlando-Team-Building-Team-Synergy-Girl-On-Floorcommunication
  • collaboration
  • big picture thinking
  • dealing with limited resources
  • creative problem solving

Is your team ready for some Team Synergy?

All this sounds like hard work: but in reality it’s a lot of fun! Sure, your team will be put to the test with new and improved teamwork skills…but they’ll enjoy the process and take home with them the foundations of future change. That’s a result everyone can be excited about!

If you’d like to learn more about Team Synergy and how it can pull your group into higher levels of collaboration, please give us a call.