DiSC Personality Training

With Our DiSC® Certified trainers, DiSC Personality Training Is Finally Available in Orlando!

Everything-DiSC-Authorized-PartnerEveryone knows it’s easier to communicate with some people than others. But did you know why? Different personality styles are the main reason why people have trouble communicating. We’re all different but that doesn’t mean we can’t find ways to communicate.

That’s where DiSC Personality Training comes in. This is a powerful system devised by psychiatrists and other doctors, perfected by 40 years of research, and updated for today’s training formats with the use of Computerized Adaptive Testing (CAT). It’s used by Fortune 500 companies who want to upgrade the quality of their teams’ communication skills.

And now it’s available to Orlando companies!

What does DiSC® Training do?

Beginning with the personality assessment which participants take online before the workshop, the DiSC®-certified trainer uses the results to help everyone understand his or her own personality style. But it doesn’t stop there.

The goal is to understand how personality styles drive behavior…more specifically, communication styles. Once that’s nailed, participants flip the cards and look at each others’ styles. When you understand the personality styles of colleagues, you also begin to understand their preferred styles of communication.

What happens after a DiSC® Workshop?

Learning to recognize the basic communication styles of the people around you at work means you will be better equipped to tune in to what their co-workers are saying. By gauging personality styles and making adjustments in their methods of communication, participants can bridge any gap in communication.

Silos get broken down and communication pathways open up like never before.

Armed with insight on personality, behavior, and communication styles, anyone who’s been through a DiSC Personality Training Workshop experiences vastly improved teamwork skills. Group interaction is carried out on a whole new level.

It’s all about recognizing the wonderful variety of personality styles, and working with the knowledge that no way is better than the rest. We’re all a blend of styles anyway. It’s just that often there’s a dominant style in all of us, which results in varied ways of communicating.

So instead of thinking “that guy never listens because he asks questions I’ve just answered”, you’ll begin to think in terms of his personality style. His style may be one where he needs verbal confirmation that what he’s heard is correct, so he may need to repeat things back to people and speak them aloud before he really gets them. Not wrong, but different!

How do I know it’s certified DiSC® training?

Remember to look for a lower-case “i” in DiSC®…it’s how you know you’re getting authentic, official training in the DiSC® system by a certified instructor. If you’d like to learn more about how DiSC® can help your group become the best communicators, please give us a call. We’d be happy to answer all your questions.