Completely Custom

Let’s face it: team building workshops are not a one-size-fits-all product.

Completely-Custom-Team-Building-LogoWe customize certain aspects of all our workshops to fit your goals, but sometimes the situation calls for a Completely Custom job! This gives you the opportunity to focus directly on what your team needs for success.

Completely Custom Workshops help you aim directly at your target.

Maybe your group is experiencing a dip in morale. Or maybe you have a sudden influx of many new employees. No problem! We’ll pick and choose the best of the best team building activities to produce exactly what’s called for in your particular situation.

We begin by listening to you.

Of course the first step in creating a Completely Custom workshop is to listen to what you have to say. The initial consultation is your chance to tell us everything you’d like to accomplish during your team building workshop.

Even if you need help defining your goals, we’re there to help. Just tell us about your group, the problems they’re having or the aspects of teamwork you’d like to see improved upon, and we’ll do the rest.

Completely Custom workshops are completely fun too!

We stress the value of a goal-driven team building workshop, but we like to have fun just like anyone else. Our workshops are hands-on, full of fun challenges, and carried out in a stress-free environment which invites laughter, camaraderie, and cooperation as well.

Tangible results that transfer back to the office.

When you choose a Completely Custom team building workshop, you benefit from activities hand-picked from a vast library of proven activities. We know what works and we know how to get tangible results from the workshop activities. That’s because every module in a Completely Custom workshop is goal-driven, designed to help your group get one step closer to success.

We also help your team see the connections between workshop activities and the workplace setting. That’s called transfer and it’s how we enable tangible results you’ll appreciate for a long time after the workshop has ended.

We can customize anything!

In addition to expertly choosing the best blend of activities for your group, we can also tailor the workshop length for your group. From 2.5-hour sessions to day-long or even weekend events, we’ll make it happen.

If a charitable dimension is worked into your event, we’ll even work with any charitable organization you’d like. If your company already has strategic partnerships set up, just let us know and we’ll make arrangements for your donations to go there.

It’s all possible with the Completely Custom team building workshop. Please give us a call or fill out our handy quote form- either way, we’d love to hear from you!