Corporate Team Building Activities

A lot goes on in the name of “corporate team building activities” these days.

We’ll be the first to say it’s a lot of fun playing volleyball on the beach or going bowling with colleagues, but is that really the best way to develop team skills?

Workshops booked through Orlando Team Builders offer more than just a fun day of games. Participants leave having had a good time but they’ll also finish the day having done some solid work on important skills they’ll use over and over again back at work.

Training dollars well spent.

Corporate-Team-Building-Activities-PillarsMany “fun” team building activities are fun for some, but uncomfortable for others. We believe that team building should be about finding everyone’s individual strengths and putting those strengths to work for the team.

Groups enjoy learning from hands-on activities that won’t leave them feeling awkward, bored, or silly. When everyone gets to participate in his or her own unique way, that’s when teamwork is working for you!

Our dynamic approach to team building means participants are engaged and they’re challenged in ways that make them think. Lessons are easily transferable back to the office environment, where you’ll continue to see positive change long after the workshop has ended.

It’s training dollars well spent!

Your goals provide the starting point for everything we do.

Got goals for your Orlando group? Tell us about them! During the initial consultation, we listen to everything you have to say: goals as well as issues are taken into consideration when we plan each new workshop.

Past clients have had a wide range of goals, covering everything from working on communication skills to boosting morale during a period of corporate change. We’ve got a workshop for everything! Here are a few more objectives we can help you with right here in Orlando:

  • Corporate-Team-Building-Activities-Spiderwebhelping teams find ways to share information more efficiently and openly
  • showing high-performance teams how to foster a stronger sense of collaboration
  • teaching teams about personality styles and how they affect behavior in the workplace
  • showing teams how to consider the big picture rather than always focusing on individual goals

Our 4-step training model insures your investment.

Underlying all of our corporate training activities is the 4-step process of workshop training:

  1. Challenge: this means you’re getting more than a day of just fun and games
  2. Activity: hands-on activities allow teams to develop and practice new skills in a non-threatening environment
  3. Debrief: facilitators lead your group in post-activity discussions which help them reflect on their activities
  4. Transfer: the debriefing allows for transfer of the lessons learned into the work environment so you get some return on your investment with long-lasting results

Ready for some corporate team building activities that get results as well as provide a fun day for your group? Check out our selection- there’s one for every group and every situation!