Wheelchair Team Building

You don’t have to give up skills improvement when you choose a charitable team building workshop. Wheelcharity™ Wheelchair Team Building is proof of that!

WheelCharity-Wheelchair-Team-Building-LogoA dual-purpose event, this workshop combines work on important workplace skills with the idea that companies that give back to the community are happier places to work. Community spirit and working for the common goal of creating positive change in your Orlando neighborhood while you build teamwork skills: that’s the winning combination that makes this workshop one of our most popular ever!

How wheelchairs and teamwork go together

Orlando-Team-Building-Wheelchair-Team-Building-AssemblyOrlando has a great need for wheelchairs. They’re necessary mobility devices for thousands of people right here in our city. The problem is: they’re so expensive many people go without when they need them the most. Hospitals, vet centers, retirement homes, and long-term care facilities could all use more wheelchairs, and Wheelcharity™ aims to fill that gap.

Your group can become part of the solution when you choose the Wheelcharity™ Wheelchair Team Building Workshop. Groups actually assemble wheelchairs with their own hands, while they work to improve important skills like:

  • communication
  • increasing participation and recognizing diverse styles
  • seeing the big picture
  • working with limited resources

Hands-on activities challenge your group to overcome obstacles where only good teamwork skills will do the job and lead them towards success. Groups must use those skills in order to earn their wheelchair parts and tools, which means the motivation to make a difference serves two purposes: groups make a donation and they improve their skills at the same time.

Let us customize a Wheelcharity™ event for you!

Orlando-Team-Building-Wheelchair-Team-Building-Fun-GroupIf you’d like, choose any charitable organization that suits your company’s mission of corporate social responsibility. Common choices include VA hospitals or any hospital in the Orlando area. Just tell us and we’ll make all the arrangements for the donation. We’ll even have a rep from the charity you choose come in to receive the donated wheelchairs at the end of your workshop.

Alternatively, we can select the charity for you.

We can also tailor the Wheelcharity™ wheelchair team building workshop for you. It can last anywhere from a quick hour-long break during a day of meetings to a full-day event. The typical duration of this workshop is 2.5 hours but let us know what you need and we’ll customize it any way you like.

For further customization, let us know whether you’d prefer a wheelchair obstacle course or a more artistic approach where participants decorate the chairs with messages of inspiration for recipients.

Give us a call and we can get started on your Wheelcharity™ Wheelchair Team Building event today!