Wagon Builders

What does a little red wagon have to do with team building? Plenty! In the Wagon Builders team building workshop, your team gets to build skills while creating hope in the Orlando community.

Wagon-Builders-Team-Building-LogoIt all centers around those little red wagons you might have had during childhood: the symbol of all that’s possible.

Wagon Builders teaches collaboration.

Here’s how the Wagon Builders workshop helps your team. During a series of progressively challenging team building activities, teams learn that sometimes it’s better to collaborate than to compete.

Working together and having everyone participate means a higher rate of success in everything a team does. Whether it’s managing daily tasks or responding to outside forces like corporate change, the team benefits from practicing the collaborative exercises they learn in the Wagon Builders team building workshop.

Little red wagons and the message of hope.

Orlando-Team-Building-Wagon-Builders-BalloonsEven if you never had a little red wagon as a kid, you probably know what they’re all about. They’re the quintessential symbol of child hood dreams: kids fill them up with treasures and tote them around, building memories and practicing for an exciting future.

The Wagon Builders workshop takes that symbolism and uses it to do good things for the Orlando community. During this charity workshop, participants fill their wagons with themed items that local families can use.

Perhaps it’s household supplies, or perhaps it’s toys for the Holidays…little red wagons can be filled with anything to fit the theme, the charity, or the season!

Teams learn valuable skills during Wagon Builders

Orlando-Team-Building-Wagon-Builders-AssemblyBuilding the wagon is part of this workshop, too. And we don’t make it easy for the teams to build their wagons, either! They must work together as a collaborative unit, solving problems and overcoming fun obstacles in order to earn their wagon parts and the donation contents.

Of course all those challenges are designed to strengthen and test team building skills like:

  • communication
  • tapping into creativity
  • collaboration

By recognizing the value of each participant’s contribution to the group effort, teams learn that total participation is the most efficient way to get things done. Each person’s contribution is uniquely useful in some way, even if it simply inspires the others to come up the solutions they need.

Build your team, help out Orlando’s less fortunate.

Orlando-Team-Building-Wagon-Builders-On-FloorWagon Builders combines several important aspects of corporate daily life into one fun event: corporate social responsibility can be fulfilled since teams are working for Orlando’s families in need. Team work is strengthened since all the workshop activities are geared toward developing important skills. Everyone wins!

If you’d like to learn more about how Wagon Builders can help your team grow, please give us a call today.