Rescue Buddies “Teddy Bear Team Building”

For a charity team building workshop that benefits not one but two groups in the Orlando community, choose our Rescue Buddies “Teddy Bear Team Building” workshop.

Rescue-Buddies-Teddy-Bear-Team-Building-LogoThis workshop has your team assembling stuffed animals that get used by first responders who encounter kids in crises.

Did you know that firefighters, police officers and other first responders often carry stuffed animals in the trunks of their vehicles? They’re to comfort children who’ve been traumatized by crime, violence, or any emergency situation.

Very often, our first responders in Orlando have to purchase these stuffed animals (we call them “Rescue Buddies”) themselves…out of their own pockets.

That’s where your team comes in.

Assemble stuffed animals, strengthen your team, and help out Orlando first responders.

Orlando-Team-Building-Teddy-Bear-Team-Building-PoliceHelping out the hard-working men and women who help us out in emergencies is a galvanizing prospect for participants in this workshop. From years of experience we know that when teams are united by a common cause, they work harder.

Our facilitators channel that passion into constructive, hands-on activities designed to build important skills. So, while your team is busy helping out Orlando’s finest, they’re also becoming a better team!

Here’s how stuffed animals can lead to increased productivity.

Improvement of skills doesn’t just happen by accident. It’s by design…our professional facilitators are there to make sure the Rescue Buddies workshop isn’t just fun and games. It’s also about building important skills that translate back to the office.

Orlando-Team-Building-Teddy-Bear-Team-Building-TableWe’ve got your long-term investment goals in mind!

Teams must earn the parts for their stuffed animals. They earn these parts by achieving small, fun goals together in hands-on activities that challenge all sorts of skills.

Participants must use advanced communication skills, collaboration, and big picture thinking. The workshop might even touch upon other relevant skills, depending on your goals as discussed during an initial consultation session.

The final product is much more than a few stuffed bears.

Orlando-Team-Building-Teddy-Bear-Team-Building-PileTeams create wonderful stuffed animals, and get to meet a representative from the receiving organization, if that can be arranged. Very often that representative will have a personal story about how he or she used stuffed animals in the past, and the impact it has on kids in crisis.

Clients have also been known to choose their own Orlando-area charitable organization- just ask and we’ll make the arrangements.

If you’d like to schedule a Rescue Buddies “Teddy Bear Team Buiilding” workshop where the end result is local connections with the Orlando community, improved teamwork skills, and a great day, call us today. We can customize a workshop that’s just right for your group.