Puttin Pantry

Go ahead: you can have it all in a team building workshop: fun times, challenging skill work, and doing good things for the Orlando community.

Puttin-Pantry-Team-Building-LogoThat’s Puttin Pantry for you: everything rolled into one event.

Puttin Pantry is a charity team building workshop combining team-building challenges with the galvanizing effects of working together for a good cause. In this case, it’s local food shelters who can always use a donation of boxed and canned food items.

Everyone plays a role in Puttin Pantry

Working for something everyone believes in means everyone works harder. When the workshop goals are set with team-building skills in mind, that collaborative spirit gets funneled into solid, productive work towards building team strength.

Orlando-Team-Building-Puttin-Pantry-Golf-BallThat concept works even better when every participant plays a part in team success. That’s why our facilitators make sure everyone gets involved, and at his or her own level. Some are leaders while others are careful planners. Others like to think creatively while their co-workers prefer to follow protocol and cover all the details.

That’s a microcosm of the workplace. Each team player has strengths and weaknesses but that diversity is what actually makes a team stronger.

Puttin Pantry, perhaps more than any other charity team building workshop we hold here in Orlando, recognizes this concept and puts it into action for the benefit of your team.

How to design a mini golf course

Orlando-Team-Building-Puttin-Pantry-Golf-CourseTeams are tasked with the job of creating a mini golf course from food pantry items. From the design phase to construction and implementation, plenty of diverse roles are filled by team members. Each phase will challenge your team in a different way, helping develop important workplace skills they’ll use once they’re back at their desks.

  • Designing the course calls for collaboration and great communication skills.
  • Construction of the course calls for organizational skills.
  • Other skills: seeing the big picture and recognizing diversity.

Orlando-Team-Building-Puttin-Pantry-Playing-CourseWhen everyone contributes, everyone wins. In a workshop environment where the stakes are not as high as they are at work, participants have the opportunity to try out new patterns of communication. They come away with stronger team connections, a boost in confidence, and all-around better communication skills.

If you’d like to learn more about the Puttin Pantry team building workshop or about how it can be customized to fit your schedule or your goals, please call us- we’ll be happy to answer all your questions!