Mission Military Care

When it comes to courage, nobody knows the meaning of the word like our military service men and women.

Mission-Military-Care-Team-Building-LogoIf you’d like to support these brave soldiers who stand for our country across the globe, Mission Military Care is the perfect choice for your next team building workshop.

Learn about courage while you’re working to help the most courageous among us.

Military units work as a highly efficient team. Each service man or woman plays a part by contributing the maximum possible output in a coordinated effort that leads to success.

Orlando-Team-Building-Mission-Military-Care-Teddy-BearIf that sounds like team work at the office, then you’re right: each team player should contribute his or her own best assets to the team effort. It takes extraordinary courage to serve in the military, and that can be an inspiration for your team members during the Mission Military Care team building workshop.

You see, it takes a tiny bit of courage to share ideas and contribute to the group efforts. Not all ideas will be winners, but team members learn to contribute anyway. Each person has his or her own style of contributing to the big picture, and with courage and practice teams will become much stronger.

Teams assemble care packages for military service men and women.

Stationed overseas, military men and women miss many things about home. The Mission: Military Care team building workshop allows your group to help out a bit in that department. They’ll be assembling care packages full of fun and useful goodies for these brave men and women.

The packages can contain anything, and they can be customized around a theme if you like. During the Holidays, boxes get filled with fun Holiday gifts, for example.

Charity team building in Orlando that leads to tangible results.

The motivating force of this workshop is doing something for members of the military stationed overseas. But that doesn’t mean there aren’t some good team building lessons taking place as well!

The hands-on activities of the Mission: Military Care workshop lead teams through challenges that help them build important skills. Taking on new roles in fun scenarios means expanding capabilities and improving collaboration.

Very often at work there’s an overload of information. Teams who can sort through this overload to pinpoint exactly what they need are going to be the most efficient. In this workshop, teams practice these things, so they can return to work with a fresh set of skills, ready to work better and smarter. Now that’s a great goal!

If you’d like to learn more about our charity team building workshop that benefits Military service men and women, please give us a call. We can set you up with your own Mission Military Care workshop in no time!