Mission Kids Care

Prepare for all around success and help Orlando’s children when you choose the Mission: Kids Care team building workshop.

Mission-Kids-Care-Team-Building-LogoSuccess comes in many forms, and what better way to spend the day than to help local Orlando kids prepare for success as you develop your team skills?

Helping Orlando’s kids find success, one workshop at a time.

In Mission: Kids Care, teams work through several stages to strengthen their teamwork skills. They’re also working toward a common goal that unites them to push harder and achieve more.

That common goal is putting together back-to-school kits for kids whose families can’t afford the high price of school supplies these days. Every year, families all over Orlando struggle at the end of summer, when they must purchase and gather a wide variety of school supplies for the new school year. Items like pens, notebooks, and backpacks really add up.

Mission Kids Care is the workshop that gets your team involved in helping with the back-to-school rush.

Everyone knows the value of being prepared.

Orlando-Team-Building-Mission-Kids-Care-Kids-GroupPreparing to head back to school is important: it gets kids started on the right foot, and ready to go right from the start. The same lessons can be applied in the workplace. When teams are prepared for their tasks, they approach the processes in a much more efficient manner.

Unfortunately at work, very often there’s no time for proper preparedness for the many tasks and projects we all encounter. Planning in a group environment requires that everyone be in sync, and that communication is running smoothly.

Mission Kids Care stresses the value of good communication skills. Throughout the hands-on activities, team members get to improve those skills and develop new ways of communicating as well.

Here are some of the other skills they’ll get to practice during this team building workshop:

  • collaboration
  • working with limited resources
  • organizing for success
  • planning

Team members try on new roles as they develop their skills.

In the workshop activities, old patterns are left behind and everyone tries on new roles. Manager might take orders while those who usually don’t participate might step up to the plate, given the right circumstances.

Our facilitators go beyond the norm in creating a non-threatening atmosphere for this workshop. When everyone is comfortable sharing and communicating, they shed their fears about contributing to group projects. Barriers are washed away and silos broken down…new patterns emerge and communication flows easily. That’s the goal with the fun yet challenging activities that make up the Mission: Kids Care team building workshop.

If you’d like to learn more, give us a call. We’d be happy to customize a Mission Kids Care workshop for you and your group!