Happy Tails

We designed Happy Tails after having several clients come to us for something new where they can give back to Orlando animal shelters in a meaningful way.

Happy-Tails-Animal-Team-Building-LogoThe Happy Tails Team Building Workshop lets your group create donations for an Orlando pet shelter to make a real difference for pets and pet owners.

Helping Pets, One Adoption at a Time

Orlando-Team-Building-Happy-Tails-PuppyBelieve it or not, the up-front expenses of adopting a pet are prohibitive for many would-be pet owners. That means pets get left at shelters, and people can’t adopt them. The very sad fact is that our city’s pet shelters are already overcrowded. Lack of funding and resources means a sad fate for many shelter pets.

Your group can help when you choose Happy Tails. Make more adoptions possible by donating “new pet owner kits” to any shelter of your choice. These include all the necessary basics like food bowls, collars and leashes. By helping reduce the cost of pet adoption, more pets get to go home with someone and live happy lives.

Team Building and Pet Kits: Here’s How it All Works

Teams work up to assembling their pet adoption kits. The event starts out with some casual ice-breaking activities. Once everyone is feeling comfortable and ready to put forth some team building work, the real work begins.

All the activities are interactive, with team building lessons worked into them to keep your group on their toes. This workshop is a lot of fun but it’s no walk in the park, either! Teams are presented with challenges which require team skills to overcome. Those who put their heads together and use the following important skills will see the most success:

  • communication skills
  • collaboration
  • seeing the big picture
  • recognizing diverse approaches to problem solving
  • encouraging participation from all members on a team

Every hurdle that’s overcome means another item is won for each team’s pet adoption kit. The primary team building goal is improved communication skills but it’s those kits that drive motivation!

We Can Customize This Workshop for You

Orlando-Team-Building-Happy-Tails-CatHappy Tails can be run as a 2.5 hour workshop or a full-day event. When combined with our corporate team building workshops or leadership workshops, it makes an excellent, balanced day of events.

You can also choose¬†the Pet Alliance of Greater Orlando, the¬†Orlando SPCA, another local charity, or even have your donations go to the national ASPCA if you prefer. It’s your workshop, your choice!

Give us a call or fill out the online form for more info on how you can help out the shelter pets and would-be pet owners of Orlando.