Charity Giving Stations

For groups who want to focus on giving as they practice teamwork.

Charity-Giving-Stations-Team-Building-LogoWant to get employees engaged in giving?  Charity Giving Stations is all about team involvement in the corporate giving process.  Why just write a check when you can get the whole group to throw in and make a difference together?

Introducing Charity Giving Stations.

No successful business exists without the support of the local community.  Giving back to Orlando has never been easier now that Charity Giving Stations is an option.

Groups circulate from station to station doing their part to assemble donation items for local charities.  Whether it’s building bicycles or assembling wheelchairs for local veterans’ groups, it all goes back into the community right here in Orlando.

Boost your community involvement.

Lots of studies show that employees like working for companies that make a difference in the world.  No matter what field you’re in, a workshop like Charity Giving Stations lets you do your part for positive change.

We took the most popular charity team building workshops and stripped out the serious elements of team building skills work.  What’s left are activities totally focused on making things for charity.

Items go to charitable organizations in your Orlando community.  Groups like the Orlando Boys & Girls Clubs or any of our hospitals are grateful to know Orlando’s business community cares.  The recipients of the donated items are glad to know someone is thinking of them too.  Kids who get bikes… well, they’re just super excited to have bicycles!

Choose your mix.

We run a good variety of charity team building workshops- just check out the listings here on the site.  Of these workshops, there are four which lend themselves perfectly to the Charity Giving Stations event.  They are:

Wagon-Builders-Team-Building-LogoRescue-Buddies-Teddy-Bear-Team-Building-LogoBicycle-Team-Building-Workshop-LogoWheelCharity-Wheelchair-Team-Building-LogoThe way it works: we set up numerous stations, each with a set of tools and some parts.  Groups circulate from station to station, pitching in with assembly and working together to complete as many items as they possibly can.  Then, items are collected and given to whatever charitable organization in Orlando you’ve chosen.  If you want, we can take care of choosing and setting up charity connections for you.  Just ask!

You can choose to have your group build bicycles for kids.  You can choose to have your group assemble wheelchairs for hospitals, veteran groups, or wherever they’re needed.  You can assemble little red wagons filled with household items for families.  You can put together stuffed animals for first responders to give to kids in crisis.

Or, you can do all of the above!  Whatever you want, we’ll arrange the stations to your liking.  Choose 1,2, 3, or all four types of donations for your customized event.

Giving stations are perfect for holiday giving!

Orlando-Team-Building-Teddy-Bear-Team-Building-PileYou’ll find that this donation-focused workshop makes a wonderful way to celebrate the holidays with your group.  It is the season of giving after all, and what better way to give than to have everyone play a role in your company’s corporate giving initiatives?

Everyone has loads of fun, it’s for a good cause right here in Orlando, and it even builds better teams.  We love that last part, since it’s what we’re all about!

Charity Giving Stations also makes a great networking event because there’s so much interaction.  Great opportunities to meet and get to know your colleagues!

And large groups are easily accommodated- we’ve done this event for hundreds of participants.

Finally, book Charity Giving Stations for your next conference.  It’s the perfect complement to conference events where everyone is sitting all day.  This workshop has everyone moving around and getting things built!

If you’d like to learn more about Charity Giving Stations please call us- we’ll be happy to answer all your questions!