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Innovative and Inspiring Team Building Workshops with Orlando Team Building

Are you putting your corporate training dollars to work? Why not schedule a team building workshop that delivers on all levels: fun, engaging, productive, and results-driven activities that make your team stronger for the long run…not just one day!

An Orlando team building company for your Orlando-area business.

We’re in sync with Orlando businesses because we’re local. We know this city is much more than Gator Land and that “other famous fun park” famous for its big mouse ears! We root for the Orlando Magic just like you do, and our hearts lie within this city, even as we’re conducting workshops around the world.

Workshops are led by professionals who happen to be leaders in their field.

A company is only as good as the people they hire. That’s why we’re proud of the team we have here in Orlando: they’re professional, dedicated, experienced, and ready to help your group get results that carry back to the work environment.

But that doesn’t mean they don’t know how to have a good time! Workshops are highly engaging because they’re constructed with you goals in mind. How do we do that? We start by laying out the framework for a totally non-threatening environment where participants feel free to try new ways of doing things.

Your group takes home more than just good memories of a fun day out of the office.

From trying out new communication patterns to practicing contributing to group problem-solving activities, participants get tons of opportunities to put their new teamwork skills to the test.

Our four-step model is based on solid principles of education and 50 years of industry research. Your group will go through these four stages during the workshop:

  1. Orlando-Team-Building-Activity-Debrief-Transfer-Arrowschallenge
  2. activity
  3. debrief
  4. transfer

Activities are designed to challenge. Then, our facilitators lead participants through “debriefing”, which means they sit back and take a look at their progress, what they’ve learned, and how it relates to teamwork and their jobs. That paves the way for the final step in our model: transfer. A workshop doesn’t do you or your team much good if everything the group learns gets left behind once they leave!

Focusing on your goals for long-term results.

Team building workshops set up a blueprint for future improvement. Consider your day of Orlando team building activities to be the equivalent of setting a foundation for continued improvement, long after the workshop has ended. Your team is learning skills they’ll take back and practice over and over again in the workplace setting.

If you’d like to learn more about how we can help your Orlando group form blueprints for lasting change, please call us or fill out the handy quote form. We can suggest a workshop that’s right for you, or even a combination of workshops for a full-day event.